Clepsis dumicolana

Two Clepsis dumicolana were active on the ivy outside the office front door this morning. We noted the first ones of the year yesterday, and it's the second year they have been recorded here. They represent one of just three published populations of this moth in the UK – in Chelsea (Pires 2014); Longwick, Buckinghamshire (Upper Thames Moths 2015); and here in Acton (Culshaw & Terry in press) .

Clepsis dumicolana , Acton ©Andrew Culshaw

Clepsis dumicolana, Acton ©Andrew Culshaw

The roof-garden moth trap was slightly (but only slightly) more productive last night compared to last time with:
- Pale Mottled Willow x1
- Orange Swift x1
- Tachystola acroxantha x1
- and Light Brown Apple Moth x6
plus a few micros still to be identified.

Away from the office, keeping my bedroom window open for an hour produced:
- Brown House-moth x1
- White-shouldered House-moth x1
- Psyche casta male x1

Hardly a list to be proud of!