We offer support for the following products:

  • All NatureGuides apps

  • BWPi 2.0.3

  • BBi

  • British Birds 9

  • British Birds concise

  • Breeding Birds of Britain and Ireland/Western Palearctic

  • British Butterflies

We no longer offer support for our DVD-ROMs. However, there are some helpful tips in these pages.

Windows 10

We regret to inform our customers that we are unable to offer any technical support for products running on Windows 10.

Windows 8
Many of our products will run on Windows 8, though users may experience issues with registering, functionality, or content display. The Windows help pages offer solutions to some of the commonly encountered issues. Please note however that Windows 8 is not listed as a recommended operating system for our DVD-ROMs and thus we are unable to offer active support.

 Older products
Some of our older products continue to run on modern operating systems, though users may experience issues with functionality or content display. Please note we are unable to offer active support for products that are not listed at the head of this page.

Support by email
If you have checked the Frequently Encountered Issues pages and have been unable to find a solution to the issue you have encountered, you can email support@natureguides.com. You must include: your name, the name of the product or app, the serial number of the DVD-ROM (where applicable), the operating system you are running the product on (Windows version; Mac OS X version; iOS device and iOS version), the problem you have encountered, and any error messages that are displayed. We do not offer over-the-phone support.

If you require support for the BirdGuides news app, please email contact@birdguides.com